ARK models
ARK models

ARK Model - the Russian manufacturer of plastic model kits.

Our products range includes:

  •  Sailing vessels
  •  Battleships & cruisers
  •  Military and civil aircraft from all countries and all eras
  •  Heavy, medium and light tanks, known for memorable dates
  •  Self-propelled guns
  •  Soldiers of various epochs
  •  WWII military vehicles

Our registered brand name is "ARK models" .


Every year we increase our range of models!

Soviet Battleship Arkhangelsk from a customer from Ireland.
For this model the follow additional parts were used:
  • 1/500 Atlantic Models HMS Royal Sovereign PE detail
  • 1/500 Atlantic Models RN hatches
  • 1/500 Atlantic Models Ratlines
  • 1/500 Atlantic Models handrails and ladders,
  • Flyhawk 1/350 British Navy Anchors (Wrong I know but still better than the kit plastic ones..)
  • 1/500 MicroMaster Shapeways 3D printed 15" main turrets including barrels, 4" AA Turrets, 20mm Oerlikon Twin Mounts, single 20mm Oerlikon gun tubs and mooring bollards.
  • Brass tube for Casemate gun barrels
  • Artist's Gel Medium for casemate gun blast bags
  • Evergreen strip and brass rod for barbette vents
  • Evergreen rod for tripod foremast, mainmast, casemate gun mounts, hull drainpipe details and boat booms
  • 1/400 North Star Models 0.85mm Portholes
  • 1/350 Alliance Modelworks rigging
  • Infini Models rigging
  • Mk1 Design 1/500 wood deck cut to size and darkened
  • Tom's Modelworks 1/500 figures
BURAN space shuttle is on the cover of Scale Modelling from AirFix Model World
Our BURAN space shuttle is on the cover of the special issue of Scale Modelling from AirFix Model World dedicated to space exploration.
Review and assembling
Review of BURAN
Review of BURAN kit (art.14402) in the European model magazines.
TIM – Model Magazine, Slovenije
ARK Model LLC became the owner of TK "Buran"
ARK Model LLC became the owner of TK "Buran", which previously owned Molniya, R&D Center (the Soviet giant of the aerospace industry, which created a series of space shuttle Buran in the late 80's).
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