ARK models
ARK models

ARK Model - the Russian manufacturer of plastic model kits.

Our products range includes:

  •  Sailing vessels
  •  Battleships & cruisers
  •  Military and civil aircraft from all countries and all eras
  •  Heavy, medium and light tanks, known for memorable dates
  •  Self-propelled guns
  •  Soldiers of various epochs
  •  WWII military vehicles

Our registered brand name is "ARK models" .


Every year we increase our range of models!

ARK Model LLC became the owner of TK "Buran"
ARK Model LLC became the owner of TK "Buran", which previously owned Molniya, R&D Center (the Soviet giant of the aerospace industry, which created a series of space shuttle Buran in the late 80's).
Meet guests
The company" ARK-models "was visited by the President of the Tula regional public organization "Club of historical and technical bench modeling" Наследие Левши" Vyacheslav Ermakov.
In the head office of the company ARK-models he was shown all the moments of the working environment of our "control center" and all the achievements, including the most promising projects/new items. Over a Cup of good coffee, a warm and constructive conversation took place on the development of modern modeling in the regions of Russia and the interaction of the organizers of the iconic exhibitions with domestic manufacturers of prefabricated models. Vyacheslav Ermakov for several years organizing in the city-hero of Tula, in cooperation with the State Museum of Weapons and city Administration annual national exhibition of bench models and military-historical miniature "Техника в масштабе" Company "ARK-models" have always considered it our duty to give full support to this event.
Especially solemn was the moment of awarding diplomas personally to the General Director and one of the owners of the company "ARK-models" - Lyudmila Goltseva.
We were very pleased to host such an important guest for us, and in honor of the Orthodox New year, we presented our modest gift - one of the models that we produce together with colleagues from China.
AK48047 I-16 type10/17
We present to your attention a new product. Model fighter I-16. It's not just a repeat of the old 48003 set. This is a fundamentally new set. Completely different resin parts. Engine, missiles, detailed interior of the cabin, chassis, simulation of sagging elements of the tail group and on the wings. The kit contains details for prototype variants: type 10 and type 17
АК 35045 Т-14 Armata
Open A new model year with another masterpiece long and well - known masters of Cuban origin - Ernesto Guevara! So! Camera! Action! T-14 Armata 1: 35 ARC-models
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